Geschichte der Sozietät


MOCK–RECHTSANWÄLTE is a boutique law firm specializing in real estate, corporate and public law. The firm was founded on the 2nd of January 2001 by the Attorneys at Law Klaus Mock, Lutz Ziesche, Wolfram Ganzleben, Raimund Körner, Nikolaus Brendle, Alexander Ebert et al.

All founders previously practiced in the Berlin Office of Oppenhoff & Rädler, which was dissolved at the end of 2000 when merging with the British law firm Linklaters. Our name giving partner Klaus Mock was President of the Berliner Notarkammer (Berlin Notaries’ Chamber) until March 2006 and Vice President of the Bundesnotarkammer (Federal Notaries’ Chamber).

The parent law firm is Bezzenberger Mock & Partner, whose historical roots go back several decades. In the 1990s the firm merged with Munich’s Rädler Raupach, thus becoming Rädler Raupach Bezzenberger, and was later on absorbed by Oppenhoff & Rädler. All along, business law has always been one of the law firm’s core areas of practice. Since the reunification of Germany, Berlin has developed into a metropolis, in which real estate law, company law, private construction and architectural law as well as administrative law have naturally played a key role.

In compliance with the change of the city’s economic structure, our firm not only advises long established medium-sized businesses, but also newly settled corporations as well as young IT-businesses in all aspects of their economic enterprises.

Nine of our lawyers are also civil law notaries. Our notaries’ office is one of the largest in Berlin and has gained widespread acceptance and reputation for its legal services.

The law firm has continuously grown since its’ foundation. At the end of 2004, Walter L. Rust joined the firm for the area of corporate law, who was previously partner with Linklaters. He was followed by Karl Thomas Stopp at the beginning of 2005 whose core practice areas are company law, tax law and real estate law. At the same time Elke Holthausen-Dux joined the firm, previously partner with Clifford Chance. Ms. Holthausen-Dux mainly practices real estate law and is also the current President of the Berliner Notarkammer (Berlin Notaries’ Chamber). In autumn 2005 Bernward Alpers became partner of the firm. Mr. Alpers is in charge of the labor law department and was previously partner with Coudert Brothers. At the beginning of 2011 Christiane Pillich, Michael Oprach and Mathias Korsten, who were with Mock Rechtsanwälte for many years, became partner of the firm. Ms. Pillich mainly practices real estate and inheritance law, Mr. Oprach has his focus on private construction law while Mr. Korsten practices company and real estate law.