Work as Civil Law Notaries

The image of our law firm is also characterized by our work as civil law notaries. The acceptance and reputation of our firm’s notaries’ office was established first and foremost by our name giving partner Klaus Mock, who has been President of the Berliner Notarkammer (Berlin Notaries’ Chamber) and Vice President of the Bundesnotarkammer (Federal Notaries’ Chamber) for many years and who continues to play an active role in our notaries’ office. Currently nine members of our firm also act as civil law notaries, among them Elke Holthausen-Dux, the current President of the Berliner Notarkammer.

Real estate and corporate transactions, in particular, require a great deal of experience paired with prompt and reliable preparation, notarization and implementation. Due to their extensive experience, our notaries and highly trained assistants can guarantee that even the most complex and voluminous contracts are processed rapidly and safely.

Our notarial services are not limited to reading out an instrument that was prepared by a third party. Instead, it is characterized by the careful assessment of the real interests of the parties with the intention to draft clear and non-ambiguous contractual instruments. While acting as independent and neutral civil law notaries, we aim at settling and realizing the parties’ interests in the best way possible. In fact many of our clients appreciate the proven skill of our notaries to guide the parties to a sound and proper result as neutral mediators in complex contract negotiations.

We notarize instruments written in German and/or English. Instruments written in other languages may, of course, also be notarized with the support of an interpreter.