Labour law

  • Advice on and representation of the interests of companies related to individual and collective labour law
  • Legal support of company transactions
  • Employer negotiations with works councils and trade unions
  • Conducting lawsuits before labour courts, higher labour courts and the Federal Labour Court

Private building law

  • Advice on and structuring of project developments in the property sector, including without limitation large building projects
  • Review, design and negotiation of building contracts
  • Conduct of lawsuits
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings and provision of arbitrator services

Architects and engineers law

  • Review, design and negotiation of architects and engineers contracts
  • Contract design and advice related to project management and project control
  • Advice and representation regarding architects’ and engineers’ liability and related matters
  • Advice on and representation in disputes regarding the Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (HOAI)
  • Advice on architectural and engineering competitions

Public commercial law

  • Advice and representation in matters regarding planning law, environmental law and public procurement law as well as regarding waste and waste disposal regulations
  • Support in infrastructure projects and investments in the property sector under public law
  • Advice to regional authorities and municipal companies, privatisation, tax and remuneration law
  • Reorganisation and development of industrial locations, including without limitation the risks related to contaminated sites
  • Advice and representation in projects regarding departmental panning, urban development planning, proceedings on the granting of building permits and the negotiation of urbanisation contracts
  • Advice and representation regarding administrative law on trade and industry and subsidies law
  • Advice of mobility companies active in automated and autonomous driving

Company law

  • Contract management for partnerships and corporations, including support in the company register management (including without limitation establishment of companies, applications for entry in the commercial register, transfer of business shares)
  • Support of shareholders’ meetings, annual general meetings, winding up of partnerships
  • Project financing
  • Support of acquisition and disposals of companies
  • Conception of open-ended and closed property funds
  • Business succession/MBOs
  • Venture capital financing
  • Advice to start-ups
  • Joint venture contracts
  • Employee participation programmes/stock options
  • Notarial services related to company law

Property law

  • Advice, design and negotiation of property acquisition and disposal
  • Draft and negotiation of property developer contracts
  • Advice to companies and to institutional and private investors, including without limitation on the structuring, administration and exploitation of property
  • Advice on and negotiation of underwriting and credit agreements
  • Notarial services regarding property (including without limitation purchase contracts, hereditary building rights contracts, divisions according to the Act on the Ownership of Flats and the Permanent Residential Right (WEG), physical divisions, complex agreements with neighbours, real property collaterals)

Inheritance law/business succession

  • Advice on and design of last wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Advice on the issuance of certificates of inheritance, European Certificates of Succession and certificates of executorship
  • Advice on and design of anticipated inheritance and distribution of estates
  • Notarial services regarding inheritance law

Commercial lease law

  • Review, design and negotiation of commercial property lease contracts
  • Advice on the execution and termination of commercial property lease contracts
  • Conduct of lawsuits, including without limitation regarding termination, rent in arrears, realisation of collaterals and claims for damages

General conduct of civil-law lawsuits

  • Out-of-court review of the chances of success of claims and rights of plaintiffs and defendants
  • Court representation in commercial and trade law disputes, including temporary relief
  • Advice and representation in post-court compulsory execution
  • Advice and representation in arbitration proceedings and other out-of-court settlement proceedings

Insolvency law

  • Advice to companies in crisis situations
  • Reorganisation and restructuring
  • Structuring of funds of insolvent companies
  • Enforcing claims for and against an insolvent’s assets
  • Advice to creditors of debtors that are threatened by insolvency or that are insolvent

Commercial and business mediation

  • Mediation of conflicts between companies, shareholders or corporate bodies
  • Moderation of negotiations on out-of-court settlement of conflicts

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