Notarial services are another core competency. 10 of our partners are notaries, as well, and are supported by a large number of qualified and experienced employees, enabling us to swiftly and smoothly prepare, notarise and execute even complex issues, both in German and in foreign languages.

Property Law

In our property-law notarial services, we support the entire life cycle of a property, from acquisition to development, followed by the sale thereof. Our services include, without limitation, advisory and certification services relating to:

  • The transfer of land
  • The transfer of freehold flats (existing flats and flats still to be built by the developer)
  • The constitution, purchase and sale of hereditary building rights
  • Divisions according to the Act on the Ownership of Flats and the Permanent Residential Right (WEG)
  • Physical divisions
  • Encumbrance of land (e.g. land charges, rights of residence, easements, usufructs)
  • Complex agreements with neighbours

Company Law

We support our clients by providing notarial services regarding the preparation, certification and execution of any and all company law matters. This includes without limitation:

  • Establishment of companies
  • Purchase and sale of companies (asset deals and share deals)
  • Venture capital financing rounds
  • Transformation measures in accordance with the Law Regulating the Transformation of Companies (e.g. mergers)
  • Shareholders’ meetings
  • Minutes of general meetings of shareholders of public limited companies
  • Applications for entry in the commercial register

Inheritance Law

We support and advise our clients on all notarial services regarding inheritance law, including without limitation succession plans and their design. This includes without limitation:

  • Establishment of last wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Applications for the issuance of certificates of inheritance, European Certificates of Succession and certificates of executorship
  • Anticipated inheritance (e.g. donations inter vivos)
  • Distribution of estates
  • Sale (or purchase) of an accrued inheritance
  • Renunciation of shares or compulsory portions in the estate

Family Law

We support and advise our clients on all notarial services regarding family law, including without limitation the interface between company law and family law. This includes without limitation:

  • Marriage contracts
  • Divorce settlement agreements
  • Durable powers of attorney, living wills and health care proxies

Klaus Mock, after whom our company is named and who was the president of the Berlin Chamber of Notaries and vice president of the German Federal Chamber of Notaries, laid the foundation for the significance and the excellent reputation of our notarial services. We are happy take up and continue this long-standing tradition of occupational and professional commitment.

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